Massage Therapy

When it comes to massage therapy, we have a goal in mind: to get you happy and healthy. Our certified Chiropractor has provided back and neck pain relief for a number of residents in the Augusta area using massage therapy. Whether you are in agonizing pain or are just beginning to notice symptoms, come to Chiro-Works LLC today and see what our massage therapist can do for you.

About the Therapist: Olivia Rose Gorneau attended school at the Downeast School of massage in Waldoboro, Maine. She graduated in October of 2014 as a licensed massage therapist (LMT) with a concentration in sports massage.

What is Chiropractic massage therapy?

Chiropractic massage therapy uses techniques similar to what most people think of when they think of a traditional massage: gliding hand motions and sustained pressure. When a professional performs these techniques they can relax contracted muscles and release stagnant toxins. Olivia’s sessions include a blend of Swedish, deep tissue and therapeutic techniques. Specializing in sports massage and dimensional massage therapy. Swedish massage is one of the most common forms of massage techniques, combining the use of lotions and oils with relaxing, fluid strokes.

What are the benefits of massage therapy?

There are many benefits to massage therapy. Beyond being extremely relaxing, massage therapy can have the following benefits: Relieves joint and muscle pain, hasten recovery from injury, restore range of motion increases blood circulation, reduces stress and anxiety, reduces muscle swelling, helps relieve symptoms of depression, removes waste and toxins from the body, improves the immune system, boosts energy levels, and promotes sleep.

How many massage therapy sessions are necessary?

The number of sessions depends on what you would like to achieve. After we learn your long- and short-term goals, we will be able to provide you with a time frame.

Can massage therapy help a sports injury?

Yes, and Olivia’s concentration is in sports massage, so she is the right therapist to come to if you have suffered a sports injury. We have helped a number of athletes in the Augusta area recover from their sports injury using massage therapy. Many sports, such as golf, cycling, and weight lifting can put a tremendous amount of pressure on your back and neck and can cause muscle sprains, ligament and tendon injuries. Our massage therapy techniques not only relieve this pressure, but also decrease the chances for re-injury.

Sports massage, just for athletes?

No, sports massage isn’t just for athletes! It’s good and recommended for anyone who is in need of any corrective or soft tissue work. It doesn’t matter your age, gender, or level of physical activity!

"I have had surgery in the past; can I still get a massage?"

Yes, in fact, getting a massage is extremely beneficial to those who have had surgery in the past. By manipulating the soft tissues in your body we are able to assist in the healing process.

What are trigger points?

Trigger points, more commonly referred to as “knots”, are tight bands of muscle which can refer pain to other parts of the body. Treating these trigger points with direct pressure through massage therapy can help relieve chronic pain.